Sunday, November 8, 2015


This one is probably for my female running friends. You already know my challenges with running outdoors and needing a restroom, pronto. I've actually experienced all of these except for the last two. Just wanted to share in honor of long run day that was cut short by stomach cramps.

This week I believe is going to be very draining. We need to coordinate move #2 during the evenings after work - our hope is to be mostly out of the apartment by Friday evening. I would have tried to maybe coordinate a day off from work to get it done, but it's the end of the year and we don't have any more time paid time left. At least, what we do have left, we were hoping to use for our big move into the house - but that may have to wait until 2016. (If you haven't been following my housing saga, here's the story.)

I foresee some exhaustion and difficulty sticking with my early morning workouts, and I really don't want to lose momentum. I'm going to keep these 7 tips for getting up early to work out in my pocket for the week - and add one more to drink a full glass of water as soon as my alarm goes off.

Star Wars Princess Leia runs on coffee.
Or there's always coffee.

160 days left.

Today's Exercise: 4.5 mi treadmill run  @ Globo Gym

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