Friday, November 13, 2015


Turns out I was so stressed yesterday that I started this post and never hit publish....

I decided that perhaps I need to take today - and maybe even tomorrow - off from the gym. There's a little bit too much stress in my life right now between moving and work. Sure, today's move was a micro-move, moving from one temporary apartment to another 20 minutes away. But still, packing/cleaning/un-packing/transporting 3 animals from an apartment you've lived in for four months to another takes it's toll. Plus, it was a reminder that I'll have to move a 3rd time a month or so from now, which rekindled the same anger I felt two weeks ago when I was notified THE DAY BEFORE CLOSING that the builder had to postpone two months due to not receiving approval from the town to hook up to the sewer line.

Work-wise, I've been going non-stop since Monday. There are quite a few high pressure deadlines looming, and I'll likely have to play catch-up on Sunday from taking a half-day today to wrap up the move.

So today's entry will be briefer than usual, and I may not get to post tomorrow as I have to finish  unpacking and head back to the old apartment to clean.

154 days left.

Today's Exercise:  Rest

Eggs with spinach, CoffeeLeftover GF pumpkin pizza, coffeeBurger and fries

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