Monday, November 23, 2015

Race Drought

I decided to get rid of PWO tracking. I wasn't using it consistently, and it seems there are quite a few benefits to working out in a fasted state. Of course, I won't actually see any of those benefits if I don't wake up to work out.

In fairness, I had some difficulty getting to sleep last night and I'm not sure why. Maybe I was just overstimulated by a day at Disney and the Osborne lights. But additional sleep was definitely needed. I have asked for my husband's help going forward - he doesn't usually set his alarm clock. Maybe if I have his go off 10 minutes after mine, we'll both find our way out of bed more easily. My ultimate goal is to wake up without need for an alarm clock. I'd regularly wake up on time, feeling refreshed at my old home in NJ, no clock needed. At our last apartment, I'd be woken up by construction workers building a new apartment complex right next to mine - they'd start promptly at 7am. I'd like to get back to a space where I just wake up.

Anyway, I did get myself out for a run after work. I also registered for a 5k on Thanksgiving - this will be my first race since I did the Star Wars Half in January. Since 2012, running races has been a regular part of my life - fun runs, half marathons, relays - I wouldn't let a race go by without already being signed up for something else. This year was just too busy with our move from NJ to FL. I'm definitely looking forward to Thursday.

Star Wars Stormtroopers running.
Just gotta keep running. Photo borrowed from Disney

145 days left.

Today's Exercise:  30 minute outdoor run

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