Saturday, November 28, 2015

Move More

One of the things I haven't been paying much attention to as of late is the amount of movement I'm getting outside of my scheduled training runs (which haven't been very consistent, either, given I'm adjusting to a morning workout habit).

Still, I went from being an office-based employee earlier this year to a home-based employee, and I need to be a little more cognizant of how much more I'm sitting because of this. In my last temporary apartment, I was living in the city, where I could walk to everything I needed - grocery stores, entertainment, restaurants, the pharmacy, Starbucks...

That setup was always meant to be temporary, until our new house is ready. The new house is a little bit outside of the city, but I will be able to ride my bike to all of those things I need. As you may know, my husband and I expected to be in the new house by now - but were blindsided by our builder the day before closing that they failed to get approval from the town on something, and would need an additional two months to complete the house.

You can get the full story here, but to summarize, we had no house and couldn't stay in our temporary apartment in the city. We were lucky to find a new place to live, but there's nothing within walking distance. Unfortunately, all of the supplies we need to be able to use our bicycles (helmets, bike lock, bicycle pump, etc.) are buried in our storage unit somewhere, so we heavily rely on the car. The few extra steps I get in my day come from walking the dog, but I think he's unhappy with the new place too - he used to have a lot of pep in his step when we'd go for a walk around the city block, but he's not nearly as excited to walk around here.

Another problem is the chair I do sit in for work - it's a very uncomfortable kitchen table chair that came with the apartment I'm in. (same thing in my last apartment - my office chair is in storage). I wasn't expecting to spend 6 months in something that is not ergonomically sound.

Star Wars Chewbacca sitting, not running

So I am lucky to have a long weekend to be active and away from my computer, but am looking for suggestions on ways I can be sure to incorporate more activity into my day now. I found this article with 13 ways to sneak in more cardio into your day  - I'll start incorporating some of the tips here on Monday.

Other desk-based employees - what do you do to keep yourself moving?

140 days left.

Today's Exercise:  Spin class  @ Globo Gym

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