Friday, November 20, 2015

Heart Rate training

TGIF. Even though I thought I'd be energized for a morning workout because of the simple fact it's Friday, I wasn't. I chose to sleep in again. Wondering how I can make sleeping in NOT an option?

I thought I would make up the workout by using my apartment complex gym over lunch time, but I got sidetracked researching fitness trackers and smartwatches with built in heart rate monitors instead. I'm looking into incorporating the Maffetone Method into my training plan because of a comment someone left yesterday.

I have heard of Dr. Maffetone before, mostly because his articles pop up in nutrition circles I follow. Following his guidelines means that all of my future runs should sustain the same heart rate (based on his formula, mine should be between 135-145) for the duration of my run. It also means that I will be running very slowly when I start - but that eventually, I will run faster while exerting the same level of effort.

Makes a great deal of sense, right?

There are other guidelines as I understand it - like I have to perform very little anaerobic activity (no more weight lifting?) and eat a low carb / high fat diet. If I want to do this, I really have to start now as it will take a few months to get to a good aerobic base.

A huge road block is that I don't currently have a good way to track my heart rate. I researched what's out there and am leaning towards the Apple Watch as I hear it has an accurate monitor plus I usually run with my iPhone anyway for music (and to use the GPS feature of MMR when I'm running outdoors). But I hate the thought of sweating all over a high tech gadget like that. I am giving myself a week to make a decision so that I can buy something at Black Friday or Cyber Monday prices.

Apple Watch looks like Star Wars R2D2
Plus  you can make it look like this.
Anybody have any recommendations? I'd prefer to stay away from chest straps if possible - I used to have a Polar heart rate monitor and found it to be pretty uncomfortable. Plus I remember being confused by the calibration instructions - so I'm also looking for something that is "wear and go."

Got a date with the Hunger Games tonight - then a date with the treadmill for a long run tomorrow.

148 days left.

Today's Exercise:  Unplanned rest

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  1. Garmin Forerunner 225 (or if you wait a couple weeks, the Garmin Forerunner 235). These use an optical heart rate monitor on the wrist like the Apple Watch.

  2. Thanks! Someone else mentioned both of these as well. I just wonder about accuracy of the hrm.

  3. I just replied to your post on the DISboards Dark Side forum explaining how accurate it has been for me (including a comparison graph). I was concerned about that as well, and so I tested it out when I first received the 225 earlier this year.