Saturday, November 21, 2015


Woke up this morning with a popcorn hangover. I detest movie theater popcorn - it's messy, it gets stuck in your teeth... but I seem to forget that every time I walk into a movie theater and get hit with that popcorn smell. I didn't actually log my popcorn last night because I posted here before going to see the Hunger Games.

This may be blasphemy, but I'll admit I was looking forward to this one even more so than The Force Awakens. I'm sad the series is over.

Anyway, too much popcorn this morning meant I really wasn't hungry for breakfast, so I skipped out. I had to be somewhere at noon today, so my husband and I went to the forbidden gym on our way out of town - only this time we were caught. (As I posted here,  we were at a branch of our gym that technically we aren't supposed to use, but got away with it on Thursday).

Like Han Solo in Star Wars, Ben and I were caught!

After a few minutes of discussion, the very nice salesman at the gym let us in as his guests, but it delayed my date with the treadmill. I had planned on doing a full hour run today, but had a hard stop to meet my noon appointment.

Ah well. I guess I'm glad this happened on a Saturday and not during an early morning weekday workout, as I probably would have lost motivation to start my run. All is not lost - there's another branch of Globo Gym nearby, only this one will take us 20 minutes to get to instead of 15. Just got to set the alarm clock 5 minutes earlier come Monday...

147 days left.

Today's Exercise:  4 miles (9:40 min/mi) @ Globo Gym

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