Sunday, October 11, 2015

Wigging Out about Half Marathon Hair

Sundays are usually reserved for spin class, but my flight got me home pretty late last night and I thought the combination of sleeping in a little bit plus not missing a long run this week would be better for my training. Glad I did it this way, as I had a pretty decent run.

The only troublesome thing was my hair. Female runners know all too well the discomfort that a loose strand or two of hair sticking to a sweaty forehead can cause. The right hairstyle can certainly do the trick:

Star Wars Princess Leia keeps her bangs off her sweaty forehead.

I've invested in a few headbands, only to find that they end up slipping right off the back of my head, causing an even greater annoyance than the original problem they were designed to solve, as I then have to stop the treadmill and fiddle around with both my ponytail and headband to get everything back into a comfortable spot again.

There's only one I've found that is decent, and that was quite by accident - my husband donated two of these headbands to me when he purchased them for racquetball and found they didn't quite fit his head. Both of these were in my dirty laundry pile, so I was forced to go with an inferior headband.

In order of worst to best in terms of slippage:

My favorite running headbands

The black cotton headband on the far left is the one that I wore today - and had to stop every 7 or 8 minutes to readjust my hair. The flowery one was falsely advertised as a 'no-slip' headband - I try to reserve these for my weekly spin class since at least my head is relatively stable there and slippage isn't as much of an issue. However, since I'm only doing spin once each week, it means I'm stuck with at least one run where I'm doomed to be annoyed by loose hair. The orange/cheetah print headband I got using Kohl's cash and it's decent - just a little too wide for my liking.

So Nike wins for those of you looking for a headband that gets the job done. Heading over to the Nike website to see if I can buy out the rest of their headband supply.

188 days left.

Today's Exercise: 5.85 mi treadmill run (10:48 min/mi) @ Globo Gym

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