Tuesday, October 20, 2015

That other Star Wars thing that's happening

Ok, how many geeks like myself tuned into Monday Night Football last night yet have no idea which teams were actually playing?

There was so much hype around the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. There were even commercials advertising watching this commercial all day Sunday during the Harry Potter marathon. And - if you missed it - here you go.

So this is a big deal. It appears tickets for the new Star Wars movie are selling out faster than the Star Wars Dark Side Challenge did. I am not quite sure whether I have tickets to the midnight showing or not, or maybe my husband pulled the trigger and got us tickets to this event (even though it's a work night - I guess I save paid time off for just such occasions).

Perhaps I need to get a costume. I saw a lot of awesome costumes running the Rebel Challenge earlier this year, and props to the crazies who went through with that. 

Chewbacca running the runDisney Star Wars Half Marathon
Chewy made an excellent pacer during the Rebel Challenge.

Running a half marathon is hard enough - not sure I could do it in full Chewbacca get-up. Would love to hear if you are planning on running (or even going to the movie) in costume - leave a note in the comments section.

179 days left.

Today's Exercise: 3.50 mile outdoor run (10:26 min/mile)

Scrambled eggs and spinach, coffee
Chef Salad, latteN/AProtein drink

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