Monday, October 5, 2015

Sweaty Jedi

Got a swanky new banner image, so updated my blog template to go along with it. Love the things you can do using Fiverr!

I had a decent run today, which is great EXCEPT I was anticipating a crappy run since I ate pizza for lunch. There goes my anti-dairy theory. I'm thinking it's probably best to opt out of milk and cheese for the long run anyway, but yeesh. This self-experimentation isn't really giving me anything useful to go on.

I used the treadmill in my apartment building's "Micro Gym" today. Generally, I prefer Globo Gym for my workouts because then I can sit in the sauna afterwards for some uber-relaxation. But my husband needed the car today to attend a conference nearby, so Micro Gym worked just fine for me. I can work up a good sweat in any location.

And work up a sweat I do. Nobody looks at me after a good gym session and says "Gee, Nicole didn't push herself that much." Most people think I went for a swim - fully clothed.

Should I be embarrassed by how much I sweat? According to this article, there are some who think so.

I don't get that at all. You work out, you sweat. Even when I was running my fastest, was at my lightest weight, and pounding pavement in the bleak middle of January in New Jersey, I would sweat. Nothing a quick shower can't fix. Maybe everyone in this article needs to come spend some time in Florida for a day or two, where all you have to do is blink and your eyeballs will start to perspire. I mean, really.

Me posing with some Jedi while running the runDisney Star Wars rebel challenge 10k
At about mile 4 of the 10k portion of this year's Star Wars Rebel Challenge. I came to a screeching halt (sorry, pile of runners behind me) to stop and take this photo, and these Jedi didn't mind posing with my sweaty self. 
194 glorious sweat-filled days left.

Today's Exercise: 5 mile treadmill run @ apartment gym

2 eggs scrambled with spinach, coffee
leftover pizza, CraisinsN/ABeef curry
Light Cider

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