Thursday, October 1, 2015

Stormtrooper Under Armour

I'm a bit neurotic when it comes to my workout clothes. I rotate through about 7 pairs of yoga pants/capris, moisture-wicking tech t-shirts, and sports bras throughout the week. Performance socks are a must. God forbid I don't have any clean and have to run in cotton. *Shudder* A strategically placed blister can ruin a run pretty quickly.

Anyway, because of the obsessive-compulsive way I treat my attire, my husband is banned from ever doing laundry. This has nothing to do with stereotypical gender roles, but draws back to a time early on in our relationship when - in an attempt to be helpful - he took care of the wash and threw one of my pricey sports bras in the dryer. The bra itself didn't take as much of a pummeling as my husband did.

There's really no explanation for this, when you consider:

  • I don't even treat my dresses and pant suits as well.
  • Most of the running t-shirts I got for free at races I've done over the last four years.
  • Obviously, the clothes don't make or break you.

Star Wars Stormtrooper: Wears full armor, still die in one shot.

Skipped bootcamp today in favor of a treadmill run. Also wanted to use it as an opportunity to investigate personal training at the gym - at $40-$60 per 30 minute session, it might not be in the cards. Anyway, the run tonight didn't feel quite as awful as last night's run, which makes me think my' humidity' theory is more plausible than my 'dairy' theory (just take a look at that PWO).

Averaged a 10 min/mile pace with occasional "sprints" at 9:13 min/mile. Just to put this into perspective - I'm going to have to average 9:05 min/mile in April for the ENTIRE RACE if I want to get in under 2:00:00.

195 198 days left (Apparently, I've been miscounting for the last week. Added this nifty little countdown clock to my blog to help me keep track today and was thrilled to see I have an extra three days to prepare!)

Today's Exercise: Treadmill run @ Globo Gym - 3.1 miles @ 10:00 pace

Eggs with Spinach
More Coffee
Baby Spinach Salad

Snickers Fun Size Bars (stupid Halloween candy on sale!)
Beef Curry

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