Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sleep as a Strategy

I am a genius. And full of myself. Sorry, just needed to take a moment to share that I am so happy I left my frozen Blogger screen open overnight (per yesterday's post) - having not wasted much brain power on this Saturday afternoon, I spent just a few moments playing around with Firefox's "Inspect Element" feature to get at what I needed in order to copy down what I wrote yesterday without having to start fresh. So without further ado, here's the post that was almost lost:

Yesterday marked another failed attempt at a 6am date with the treadmill. 

But I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to sleep. I need my recommended seven to eight hours nightly, and last night was terrible. I blame my late night cappucino - generally, I know to steer clear of caffeinated beverages after a certain time of day. I struggled to fall asleep, and when my alarm went off at 6, I was groggy.I tried my best to get that extra hour of sleep I needed, but to no avail - so I probably should have just sucked it up and went for a run. 

Even without the added caffeine, the quality of sleep I've been having the last three months is probably impaired because the city lights find their way into my bedroom through crappy vertical blinds. It's a temporary problem - I'm moving out of this apartment in just a few short weeks. I haven't given sleep as much attention here as part of my training strategy as I really should. Lest you think people can get by on fewer hours of sleep, take a look at what you are putting at risk when you do. I don't want to compromise my immune system, and certainly need to give my body time to repair from whatever workout I've done during the day. So the lesson learned here is that I really do need to be vigilant about what I'm drinking after 5pm. No more caffeine!

Sleeping is very healthy for you, especially in a Star Wars Tauntaun sleeping bag.
Or maybe I just need to invest in one of these guys.

182 days left.

Today's Exercise: Spin Class @ Globo Gym

Eggs and potatoes, coffee
Cookie, more coffeeN/ATuna Salad, Light Cider

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