Saturday, October 31, 2015

"Scary" Moments

Happy Halloween, friends. The apartment building we're temporarily living in doesn't have any children, so we won't be handing out any candy this evening. Which is probably better for me, I've been known to eat more Snickers bars than I actually hand out.

I did have my own scary moment last night when I was awakened with severe pain in my upper back on the right side. After also waking up with a killer headache, I popped two Aleve this morning and figured I should probably cancel my plans for Spin class. The headache is gone, but my back is still achy. Hoping to recover enough for a long run tomorrow.

I'm not really sure where the upper back pain is coming from. I've had lower back pain due to running, but never upper back pain - this article suggests any type of back pain could occur in runners, though.

I'm still wondering if my bed AND the way I sleep is at fault too, however. I sleep on my stomach with my arms up and head facing right, and I believe I have been sleeping this way most of my adult life. I have been pointed to a lot of articles (including this one) that suggest this is the worst possible way to sleep, and is probably the major reason I've had chronic left shoulder pain for all of 2015. I have been making a conscious effort as of late to start sleeping on my back, but I don't think the mattress I'm on now is working out for me.

Star Wars Emperor Palpatine is running on little sleep.

I was so looking forward to having my own bed back, but nope... gotta wait two more months. Grumble. Maybe when we're in our new house, I'll splurge and get a Tempur-Pedic.

168 days left.

Today's Exercise: Unplanned Rest Day

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