Thursday, October 29, 2015

Running: Not the Evil Empire

Don't even ask me about getting up to work out today.

Do you know the kind of angry you get when you are supposed to close on your new house on October 30, and as the date gets closer to your closing, you contact your builder (Not naming any names here, but let's say its a builder in the Tampa area that sounds kind of like No Name Homes) for updates but get no information until you just so happen to run into the project manager at the construction site the week before closing and get a hint that maybe you won't be closing on October 30, so you make the slightly informed decision to extend your short term apartment rental until November 14 figuring that's plenty of time to move...


... and then are finally told THE DAY BEFORE YOU ARE EXPECTED TO CLOSE that the builder didn't get the necessary approvals and permits, and it's going to take TWO MORE MONTHS until you can close...


... and then also find out that you can't stay in your short term apartment rental beyond November 14 because the snowbird owner is returning, so you and your husband only have two weeks to find somewhere else to live OH but your husband is traveling for work during one of those weeks so you really only have one week to find somewhere new to live?

Do you know that kind of angry? No?

Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi say No Name Homes was the chosen one.

Sigh. This blog is supposed to be about running. I can't wait to work off some steam on the treadmill. Even though I've been approaching my training mostly from an anti-running/chronic cardio mindset, it's helpful to occasionally get the reminder that running itself is a good thing. This article gives 30 good reasons to run - some I agree with, some I don't, but here are the three that are most appealing to me:

1. De-stress: Is it obvious I'm stressed right now?
2. Reach your goals: I still want to reach that sub 2:00:00 half marathon before I die.
3. Sleep better: It's no secret I've been having trouble sleeping in this apartment, and I was really looking forward to being in my own bed in my new home.

170 days left.

Today's Exercise: Unplanned Rest Day - making up for it tomorrow morning.

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