Tuesday, October 6, 2015


I discussed in one of my earlier posts about training roadblocks I envisioned encountering along the way. "Distractions" are going to be a big problem for me this week, as I'm traveling for work tomorrow and not returning until Saturday. My schedule tomorrow doesn't leave much room for a workout:

5am flight + meetings all afternoon + catching up on email in the evening = crash by 9pm

It's not just tomorrow that's problematic - Thursday night I'll likely be attending dinner with work colleagues, and Friday through Saturday I'm visiting old friends in the area. My workout schedule is in jeopardy.

The way my current training plan is set up provides me with two "rest" days each week - Monday and Friday. In order to prevent work travel from throwing me off of my plan, I didn't use a rest day on Monday so that I could use it tomorrow; then, I would wake up early on both Thursday and Friday before work to run, leaving Saturday as my second rest day.

Great plan, right? Only work "distractions" got in the way tonight, which is my Bootcamp night. Because I'm going to be spending half a day on a plane and in airports tomorrow, there were a few projects I needed to tie up tonight. I should have stepped away from the computer at 5 to get my evening workout in, but I was too far in the zone. So I skipped it.

I considered throwing an extra pair of workout clothes into my bag for tomorrow night - but then I wouldn't have enough 'recovery' time before my Thursday morning workout.

How do I prevent "distractions" from really being a problem? Simple:


When you get it done before the day starts, then there are no surprises, no energy dips, no pumpkin spice lattes to ruin your workout. Morning runs would better prepare me for the half marathon itself - which has a 5:30am start time. Blargh.

Early to bed, early to rise is my new mantra. If I had one complaint about my recent move to west-coast Florida from New Jersey, it would be that the sun no longer gets up at the same time I do, leaving me thinking it's still the middle of the night and not 7am.

Both R2D2 and BB-8 will need to wake me up for running in the morning.

But I do take some comfort in knowing that it will always be above freezing when I roll out of bed to actually work out.

193 days left.

Today's Exercise: Unplanned Rest Day

pecan pancakes, coffee
Pumpkin Spice Latte from an independent coffee shop, cerealN/ABeef curry

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