Monday, October 12, 2015

Monday No-Runday

My alarm dutifully sounded at 6am this morning to rouse me for a morning run. I promptly turned it off and went right back to sleep.

Star Wars Yoda is saying "The Laziness is Strong with this one"

I know I'm not lazy - my successful AM workouts last week prove that I can actually run in the morning. Yet every time I've attempted a morning workout since moving to Florida, I ignore it in favor of an extra hour of Z's. I used to blame the darkness - being on the west coast of Florida means the sun rises a little bit later than it does in New Jersey - but 6 AM is usually dark no matter where you are. So what gives?

a. Demotivators - I'm not calling my husband and my dog demotivating, but when you have two "beings" snoring away next to you, it's much harder to get up in the morning. Peer pressure - I'm just doing what everyone else is. I didn't have this "follow the crowd" mentality sleeping by myself at the hotel last week.
b. Quality of sleep - I currently live in a temporary apartment where the window blinds are in a state of disrepair. Wouldn't be a problem, except I live in a city - which means the lights of the Hilton Hotel across the street come blazing into the room. Nighttime light exposure affects your sleep quality - so maybe I'm not as well rested when 6am comes around here as I was in my very dark hotel room.
c. Tackling the day - Even though I was travelling for work and very busy throughout the day, I knew I didn't have my usual "chores" to do - things like cooking breakfast, walking the dog, tidying up - knowing I did not have to worry about these little things made getting out of bed a bit easier.

Anyway, I had another massage appointment tonight. As I've mentioned, massage is a key component of my training plan, so I was not able to make up for it with an evening workout. However, this means that I get another shot at trying again tomorrow morning (an evening workout would probably have killed my energy to do another one tomorrow morning). I have a few things I'm willing to try tomorrow to see if I'm met with more success.

187 days left.

Today's Exercise: Unplanned Rest Day. Will try again tomorrow.

Eggs and spinach, coffee
Tuna SaladN/ACarnitas Tostada with rice and beans

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