Thursday, October 15, 2015

Map My Run

I had a decent run at Running for Brews last night. Not that I was anywhere near race pace, but I at least didn't feel like I was going to die within the first mile (that feeling hit me at about 1.5 miles). It could be due to the fact that I had an extensive unplanned break from working out, or perhaps it's because the humidity was less brutal now that we're further along into fall and the sun is setting a bit earlier these days.

I was actually able to keep up with a small pack of runners for a change. Sure, it was the pack that included a guy pushing a stroller and another one running with his dog, but I was happy to not be left in the dust. It also gave me a chance to see that I had been doing the Running for Brews course wrong every other time I went - hence the reason I was never quite able to hit 3.1 miles on earlier runs.

I'm not using anything very fancy to track my mileage on my outdoor runs - just my phone with the Map My Run app. I actually log all of my activity privately, but I'm planning on sharing it with my friends on the app soon (if you are also using Map My Run, let me know and I'll connect with you there).

Map My Run is awesome for a few reasons (one of which is that it tracks my mileage on my shoes and lets me know when it's time to get a new pair), but the best thing about it are the challenges you can choose to participate in. Lest you think these challenges are phony, I actually won a challenge sponsored by GNC back in June. Check out the swag:

GNC recovery drinks and protein drinks

Not pictured above: I also got a one-year GNC Gold Membership, a gym duffel (which was excellent timing because mine was getting pretty funky), and a $15 gift card to Under Armour. Not a bad haul for continuing my habit of logging workouts.

184 days left.

Today's Exercise: Bootcamp @ Globo Gym

Eggs and spinach, coffee
Tuna Salad, more coffeeN/ABalsamic glazed chicken salad, pumpkin cappucino

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