Monday, October 19, 2015

Lead Legs

You ever have one of those Sunday afternoons where you fully intend on being super productive and then there's this:

No running today, watching a Harry Potter movie marathon.

Harry Potter is a phenomenon that stayed front and center of pop culture for over 1/3 of my life, so yes. Everything else takes a back seat when the Potter shows up, including going to sleep at a decent hour on a school night. 

Because I was up past midnight watching aforementioned marathon, I didn't wake up for the gym today. This would normally would be ok for a Monday - it's usually my planned rest day. However, I fully intended on going today as I foresee a few obstacles that might make it difficult for me to stick to my training plans later on in the week. 

I hopped on the treadmill here at my apartment complex gym after work, set myself up for a 6.0 mph pace... and immediately felt like I was running through quick sand. I initially thought it might be the treadmill itself - like something wasn't operating correctly - so I switched over to another empty treadmill beside me. This one was equally as challenging. My legs just did not want to cooperate.

Rather than bail on my run, I thought taking it outdoors might re-energize me. I wasn't too worried about humidity; as we get further along into fall, the Florida days are much more runner-friendly. Today was not one of those days, however, as I was greeted by a wall of wind. I turned around and slogged back home after .5 mile.

Figured maybe my body is telling me something and I should listen. I'll try again tomorrow.

180 days left.

Today's Exercise: An Unplanned Planned Rest Day

Scrambled egg and spinach, bacon, coffee
Chef Salad, more coffeeGNC Pure EnergyKale/Quinoa bowl

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