Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Knee pain

I took my run outside again yesterday. Even though I experienced the same lead legs feeling I did on Monday, I pushed through this time. I think perhaps this may be due to a reduced carb intake over the last few days - I'm trying to switch my diet now to become more fat adapted, as I think that will help me prepare for the long haul. I was also slowed down by a wall of wind - St. Petersburg, FL has been pretty breezy these days. 

Anyway, I've experienced a few "twinges" in my left knee - and not only when I'm running, but also sometimes when I'm just walking. I've experienced knee trouble in the past and this makes me a bit nervous. There's a few things I can do that will help - for one, I need new sneakers. MMR tracks my sneaker usage and notified me last week that I'm overdue, but I was kind of hoping to keep using these until the day I move into my new house - then I can trash them. One less thing to move, right?

But probably an even better approach to buying new sneakers would be to start strengthening my legs. Usually, Tuesday nights are my bootcamp night but I've decided to replace that with some strength training (as suggested recently here by an expert I follow) given that bootcamp feels more like cardio to me than anything else.  I really am not a fan of weight machines - I find them so boring. But I guess it's a necessary evil.

Star Wars Darth Vader tells Princess Leia her destiny lies with the leg press machine.
Not THAT evil...

So I got up early this morning to go give strength training a whirl. If you've been following, you know this has been a bit difficult because my sleep has been off here in my temporary apartment. Even though I've been wanting to transition to morning workouts, quality sleep should be prioritized over exercise - and I've been managing to get adequate amounts of both. Still, once I move into my new house, I want to make morning exercise more routine. The end of daylight savings time next week should help me with that.

178 days left.

Today's Exercise: Lunges, squats, bicep curls, tricep extensions, and more @ Globo Gym

Vanilla Powerbar Gel
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