Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Jump to the Dark Side?

Today marks 2 weeks in a row I've stuck with weight lifting as part of my half marathon training program. I found that I completed my routine much more efficiently today than I did last week since I went into it with a plan. I increased the weight on each of the exercises I did last week and am sure my muscles will let me know how angry they are about it in the coming days.

But - I did not get up before work to go to the gym. I'll spare you my usual trail of excuses. I am optimistic about trying again tomorrow, though. One of the reasons I ultimately talked myself into going in the morning last week was that I had evening obligations that would have prevented me from getting to the gym at all. Tomorrow,  I face the same thing - I have to pick my husband up at the airport right after work, so if I don't get my run completed in the morning, it ain't happening.

I decided to use my apartment gym today to save on gas and time driving to Globo gym. I'll miss the convenience of having a gym right downstairs once I move out of the apartment, but I'm anxious to be in my own kitchen with my own cooking utensils so I can stop eating junk, so it all balances out.

As I mentioned, I got my workout done pretty quickly - 30 minutes. Since I had a little extra time, I started looking for other strength exercises for runners and came across this article. I was happy to see that most of the exercises on the list were already part of my routine, but I did find the opportunity to do the suggested step-ups using a fitness trampoline.

I'd never used a fitness trampoline before, so I Googled other exercises you can do using one. This video gave me a few ideas, but I only did the front-leg squat. I envisioned that this activity could end really poorly for a runner.

Observation: Fitness trampolines are not nearly as much fun as real trampolines.

171 days left.

Today's Exercise: Lunges, squats, bicep curls, tricep extensions, and more @ Apartment Gym

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