Thursday, October 22, 2015

Is your city in the top 10?

Orlando is #1 for running according to If you have done a runDisney event, is the means by which you register, so I'm guessing they certainly see their fair share of revenue from all of those Orlando-based runs. The rating is based on on the number of marathons or half marathons hosted by the city, number of participants in the largest city-hosted race, average number of runs per person, and quality ratings and access to sports medicine physicians and orthopedic surgeons, but with Disney hosting races of 66k people, probably shouldn't be too shocking that they are ranked number one.

If I had to rank order the half marathons I've done, here they are based on enjoy-ability and overall finishing time:

4: Rock and Roll Half: Philadelphia, PA
My time of 2:02 was decent enough, but I was so freaking bored. This race had no loops or clover leafs, and city roads were closed off, which made it impossible for race supporters to cheer you on. It was great to see my husband at mile 3-ish, but I really could have used a familiar face around miles 10-12. There was also a killer hill at the end. Dislike.

3: Wine and Dine Half: Orlando, FL
The Wine and Dine Half was awesome not so much for the race itself, but for the incredible after-party. The ability to take over Epcot until the wee hours of the morning (4am) made it all worthwhile, and got me thinking I might even be able to do a full marathon if it was at Disney. It's not that the run was awful, but there were a lot of boring stretches on overpasses. I didn't have my iPod with me, so the lack of music made this even more difficult. This race holds my worst record.

2: Unite Half Marathon: Piscataway, NJ
This was my first half marathon - decently priced, close to home, and had a great course that clover-leafed around the starting line so I had lots of spectator support throughout the race (thanks Dad!). My family also were easily able to get to the finish line through some back roads. This race gets a bump too because it holds my best record.

1: Star Wars Half Marathon: Anaheim, CA
Shocking, right? The thing about races at Disneyland is that it's a much smaller resort than Disney World - so at the end of mile 6, you are out of the parks and into the streets of wonderful Anaheim, CA. Yet the entertainment gets even better once you are out of the park. Local bands and high schools line the streets along with members of the 501st. I also enjoy the fact that one week after the race, I randomly found a Star Wars Highlights Go Pro on You Tube - and found myself at min 2:24 (Yup, I'm the one in the long sleeves wearing my favorite headband):

177 days left.

Today's Exercise: 3.1 mile 'speedwork' on treadmill @ Globo Gym

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