Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Sticking with a plan is pretty important for achieving my goals, but I seem to be struggling with consistency in two key areas - nutrition and training schedule. I've discussed training schedule at length over the last two posts. I track macro nutrients in MFP for the most part, but get lackadaisical about tracking on weekends or if I go out to eat. I also don't always eat a PWO if I'm working out.

But where I have been consistent is applying mindfulness to my daily routine. For some, this concept may seem a little "out there" - but bear with me, as I've been learning more about the beneficial effects of the practice at the Mindfulness Summit over the last month. Running places a lot of physical stress on the body, obviously - and trying to meet my half marathon goals while balancing a full time job and another move in the near future add to that stress. I worry I'll crash and burn well before the race if I don't take a few moments out of my day to relax.

What does mindfulness in a typical day look like for me? I use one of the following digital tools for assistance:

a. Future Self Visualization: This short audio program helps me connect with myself 10 years from now. Don't look at me like that.

Star Wars Han Solo is giving Luke Skywalker a skeptical look about meditation.
I used this photo yesterday too. It works on so many levels.
Just to clear the air, I'm aware that I'm not actually talking to my future self. This just helps me visualize different outcomes based on choices I make today - so that I DO make better choices today. Being in touch with the Nicole of the future helps me do things like wake up for 6am treadmill runs or eat sensibly on days I have to run.

b. Calm - this is an iPhone app that provides guided meditation. If you purchase the upgraded version of the app, you have access to meditation programs that help you find motivation, inner strength, and energy, but I've been sticking with the free  "calm" program to help me stay relaxed.

c. Eat Healthy - I don't know if hypnosis officially falls in the realm of mindfulness practice (this article suggests it might), but I am hoping this will help me get on track with a consistent nutrition program.

185 days left.

Today's Exercise: 3.1 miles (10:26 min/mile) @ Running for Brews

Eggs and spinach, coffee
Tuna Salad, more coffeeN/APizza, pumpkin cider

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