Sunday, October 25, 2015

All the Things

Sundays are usually my long run days, but at around 18 minutes in, I wasn't feeling so good. I'm pointing fingers at the usual suspects - lack of sleep (was up at 5am to drive my husband to the airport) and crappy nutrition over the last two days. I think my body is still angry at me from Friday night's trip to the Epcot Food and Wine Festival:

Eat all the things.

Not only do I need to get my eating under control in order to be able to train adequately, I also think I'd be doing my pace (and my knees) a favor by losing a few pounds. One would think that the running itself would help me drop the weight, but that is not the case - I've been running for years and have never achieved an optimal body weight.

I've read/watched/heard a lot lately about exercise really being useless for weight loss - here's the latest that points to a study where 75% of runners neither lost nor gained weight over three months of running.

None of these studies suggest exercise is totally pointless - as I understand it, it does so much other good for your body when it's done correctly. Running miles upon miles creates too much stress, though - one of the reasons I'm anxiously hoping to achieve my sub 2:00:00 time in April so that I can finally retire.

174 days left.

Today's Exercise: 3 mile treadmill run (10 min/mi) @ Globo Gym

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