Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Padawan's Meditation Time

I'm rounding out my race training with some meditation practice through a free series: The Mindfulness Summit. Every day in October, the Summit invites me to watch a new video (some have been as short as 20 minutes, others have been around an hour) featuring an expert in the area of mindfulness and meditation. Even if you aren't interested in watching the interviews, there are some very good resources to get you started just by signing up.

Star Wars Yoda meditating.

I know visualization is a powerful tool among athletes - Tennis star Novak Djokovic swears by it. Can I visualize my way to a sub 2:00 half marathon?

Maybe not, but meditation can certainly get you through a crowded weekend at Disney.

195 days left

Today's Exercise: Spin class @ Globo Gym

2 eggs scrambled, potatoes, coffee
Grazing at the Epcot Food and Wine FestivalN/AFish and Chips

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