Friday, September 25, 2015

The Force can have a strong influence...

... On the weak-minded. Unfortunately, candy corn has an even stronger influence on this weak mind.

Perfect day to talk about roadblocks to achieving my goal of a sub 2:00:00 half marathon. Here are my top 3:

1. Candy Corn. (Actually, insert any other Halloween candy, pumpkin pie, or Christmas cookie here). It's easy for me to stray from the plans I've laid out for myself in MFP, particularly when my planned healthy dinner of salmon with mango salsa turns out to be mahi mahi with mango salsa inedible. Nutrition is a key factor in my ability to stick with my training plans. I need to work indulgences into the training schedule somehow so they don't throw off my workouts.

2. Distractions: My husband and I moved from New Jersey to Florida over the summer and are currently living in a temporary furnished apartment until our new house is ready next month. Moving a second time isn't that big of a deal - but between working my full time job and trying to set up the new house, I can see workouts possibly taking a back seat. I'm wondering if switching to morning workouts would reduce the excuses I make for myself for not going in the evenings.

3. Injury: I think I mentioned this before, but my knees don't feel the way they did three years ago when I ran my first half. Part of the reason I want to run this in under 2:00:00 is so that I can stop running. It's just not that good for you. I want to see how training goes for now with running only twice each week to prevent overuse injuries. Here's what my current plan looks like:

  • Sunday - Spin
  • Monday - Rest
  • Tuesday - Bootcamp*
  • Wednesday - 5k Run
  • Thursday - Bootcamp
  • Friday - Rest
  • Saturday - Long Run

*This is my attempt at adding in some strength training to all of this cardio, but at the end of the day... it's still mostly cardio. I could drop one of these bootcamp days and sub in more running, but will see how it goes for now.

201 days left.

Today's Exercise: Rest day

2 Eggs Scrambled w/ Spinach
Coconut Oil
Coffee w/ Cream
Beef stew
Cup of chili
Bite of horrible mahi mahi
Then too much candy corn

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