Monday, September 28, 2015

Soon, I will rest.

No workout today. Monday is typically a rest day, but today I had an added bonus - it was monthly massage day!

The rise of Groupon, Living Social, etc. has made it more affordable to treat myself to massage. I have yet to find anything that disputes the health benefits of massage - here's a good summary of those benefits if you are looking for more info. I'm your stereotypical runner with knee problems and lower back-pain, and massage seems to keep me going for a while. Plus I have had this nagging shoulder thing, likely from sleeping awkwardly - if anybody has any resources for correcting poor sleep posture, let me know.

Some massage humor

$30-40 and one hour on the massage table - not a bad investment for the relief it provides. If I could swing it every other week, I would.

Nutrition is way off today. Still recovering from yesterday's excess at the St. Pete food and wine festival. Hoping to get back on track tomorrow.

198 days left.

Today's Exercise: None

Beef Stew
Hershey's Candy Corn Bar

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